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Join the ‘Hong Kong Gold Coast Mystery Boat Charity Regatta’ and Raise Funds for Charity

Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club, 2 – 3 May 2015


On behalf of the Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club, we write to cordially invite you to join Hong Kong Gold Coast’s first ‘Mystery Boat Charity Regatta’ to be held during the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show (2-3 May 2015) to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Teams (limited to maximum number of 10 teams), who join this exciting event, will not only have an adventurous and fun time; they will also have their handyman skills and know-how tested to the limit, and at the same time, raising funds for charity. All funds raised from entry fees and sponsorships will be pledged to the Children’s Cancer Foundation without any deduction of costs.


The Mystery Boat Charity Regatta is simple and straightforward. Participants will be required to design, build and race a boat using only the materials provided by the Organiser, then sail it around a designated course. In addition to teams clocking the shortest times around the course (should they make it that far), we shall be recognising teams with outstanding boat design and costume. The event will held be over two days (build and race), commencing with the mystery materials to be used in the construction of the boats to be unveiled at the opening party of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show on 30 April 2015.

Design and Build

1 May 2015 – Teams shall have the whole of 1 May to design their boat; however, they are not required to be on site.

2 May 2015 – Teams will then have to construct a boat on-site, using only the supplied materials, capable of accommodating a crew of 2, during the opening hours of the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show on 2 May. Teams shall display their finished boats at the exhibitor and member barbecue that evening.

3 May 2015 – Final touches applied to the boats and the race at 3pm!

Team Size

Participating teams shall consist of not more than six (6) people with 2 persons designated as the sailing crew.

Team Name

Upon submission of the application form, the team will be required to submit their team name that shows their quiddity. The team name will be announced at the regatta and displayed on the boat.

The team completing the course in the shortest time will receive a Trophy Cup and the knowledge that they have met the challenge to build a boat that remained seaworthy, and had a lot of fun while raising money for a worthy cause. All participants will receive a commemorative regatta tee-shirt and a certificate.

Please complete the reply slip and join us for a day of fun and cheers. See you there!

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